Wisconsin State Capitol


Last month, Zeteo Community was invited to speak at the Wisconsin State Capitol. We were to give an account to state legislators disclosing personal observations we have seen in regard to human trafficking in Wisconsin. State Representative Jerry O’Connor is the chair of Wisconsin’s newly developed Task Force on Human Trafficking, and we are grateful to everyone listening and responding to victims of sexual exploitation. 

Through prayer and preparation, we planned to share about the lack of survivor care resources in our state. We were ready to highlight gaps in training and staffing responding to human trafficking within law enforcement, and how traffickers exploit these gaps to grow their crime in our state. However, by the time our turn came to give testimony, much of what we planned had already been shared by other organizations. As everyone had our written testimony in hand and could read for themselves our observations, Marlene felt the Holy Spirit prompting to go off script. Instead she shared how we have seen God move on behalf of survivors, displaying His heart for the victimized among us. She stood in the state capitol giving glory to God for the many miracles we have seen God perform on behalf of survivors. Instead of a testimony focused on trafficking, testimony was given revealing God’s heart and His glory. Jesus tells His disciples in Mark 13 when they stand in court to give testimony, “Don’t worry in advance about what to say. Just say what God tells you at that time, for it is not you who will be speaking, but the Holy Spirit.” God moved on government ground in a way no one planned or anticipated. God had something to say on behalf of survivors, and He opened doors for His heart to be heard! Praise be to God!

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