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  • On Friday, May 3rd, more than 300 guests and 14 sponsors came together and raised nearly $500,000.
  • God was honored and the community came together to unite hearts and minds behind the incredible work of Zeteo Community.
  • Sula Lael shared a powerful message of redemption and a call to action!
  • Kenton and Marlene Sorenson and others, shared from the heart of Zeteo Community.

what a powerful night!

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The sexual exploitation of women is happening in your own backyard…

but now, so are hope and restoration, thanks to the grace of God!

who we serve

We serve women who are or have been sexually exploited, no matter where they are on their journey. We work with women who have children as well as those who don’t. We come alongside women of all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

our mission

To serve women who have been sexually exploited by providing residential programming and a supportive community in which they are free to dream and thrive.

our vision

A world where every survivor of sexual exploitation has a safe place to find healing and hope.

“In almost every case under investigation or pending before a court, the victims lack stable housing.”

John Vaudreuil, U.S. attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin scored an “F” among the Shared Hope International “State Report Cards on Child and Youth Sex Trafficking”.  Our state’s “Responses to and Identification of Sex Trafficking Victims” scored an alarming 9.5 out of 27.5, as well as only a 3 out of 15 on our “Continuum of Care” resources.

  • Last month, Zeteo Community was invited to speak at the Wisconsin State Capitol. We were to give an account to state legislators disclosing personal o...

“I remember sitting in my car alone one day on the west side of Madison calling different places asking for help out of my situation [sex trafficking], but no one could help me because I wasn’t a drug addict…Had there been somewhere for me to go, I wholeheartedly believe my life could have changed for the positive much sooner.”


building hope

In addition to housing, Zeteo Community will provide high-quality programming that will be tailored to serve and empower women that have been sexually exploited in their journey towards healing. We will provide strengths-based, trauma-informed, holistic care through a variety of therapies as well as life skills and job training through on-site classes and workshops.

building homes

We want to meet a very practical need for women leaving a life of sexual exploitation: housing. Our goal is to build a group of multi-family homes that can comfortably house women and their children if they have them. The idea is that these homes would be more than a “shelter”, but a safe and peaceful place to start a new life.

building community

Community has always been the lifeblood of what we do. We are all about people and the way God brings us together to share life with each other. We don’t want to just build homes, but we want to build a community to invite women into: a place of acceptance and love that can transform and bring healing to even the deepest wounds.


Inviting the community into a personal partnership with a generational impact…

The coming days will be full of God’s provision in ways that will bring Him honor and praise!

We’re shifting focus from planning and dreaming to vision casting—and officially kicking off the capital campaign to construct the Zeteo Community homes. We wish to approach this in God’s way. Not one of wooing donors and prospects to give, but rather sharing the vision, and inviting partners to embrace what God is already doing. We’re offering partnership as an opportunity to steward riches in a way that honors the Lord and redeems and rebuilds the dreams of women clinging to the hope of something better.