in danger

  • DISCONNECT: Unexplained absences or disengagement from previous interests.
  • CHANGES: Sudden shifts in behavior, lifestyle, location, or relationship intensity.
  • CONCEALMENT: Hiding injuries, personal belongings, whereabouts, or companions.
  • AGE GAP: Disinterest in age-appropriate activities, or relationship with a large age gap.
  • COACHED: Defers decisions or responses to someone else, or opinions appear rehearsed.
  • Social Media
  • Exploiting Vulnerabilities Abusing Authority
  • Promise of “A Better Life” Assurance of Acceptance

Are you or someone that you know in the life and wanting out?

Rescue America provides a 24/7 hotline with real people waiting on your call. The 24/7 hotline will facilitate your safe and secure exit from the life, as well as next steps to begin your new life journey.

All calls are 100% confidential.

Even if you are considering leaving the life, call us at 713.322.8000 to learn more about how you can exit the life today.

Rescue America exists to rescue, revive, and empower the sexually exploited through a 24/7 hotline and emergency response.

In Danger Cards

new resource available!

We’ve recently produced a discreet card aimed at helping people understand the warning signs of someone being exploited. We’ve also set up this page to connect those in danger with the help they need. This webpage will be a growing resource of trusted partners and emergency contacts. If you would like to request cards to hand out, or make them available at your organization or business, contact us today or use the form below.