you’re invited:

Join Zeteo Community as a valued Member and play a crucial role in our mission of caring for exploited women and children. As a Member, contribute to an environment of restoration, healing, and growth through genuine connections and shared motivations. Your partnership goes beyond financial support, actively contributing to a community of belonging. Together, we uphold high-quality care and authentic relationships, making a lasting impact. Join us in a mission resonant with the heart of God through freedom and healing.

aligning values:

Discover where your values intersect with ours through our chart, reflecting the heart of Zeteo Community—“Hope Healing Homes.” Our core values (Jesus-Centered, Community-Based, and Committed to Excellence) align with these words, reflecting a shared commitment.



Hope: Embrace confident expectation, strength, motivation, and visionary thinking. Persevere with a purposeful focus on the future, fueled by gratitude.



Healing: Value kindness, compassion, grace, love, curiosity, and growth. Prioritize self-development through therapeutic resources and educational opportunities, fostering empathy and empowerment.



Homes: Build stability and community, creating an environment of comfort, connection, routine, and play. Homes are where development happens, offering protection and appreciation.

showing honor

We deeply appreciate our Zeteo Community Members and seek to honor their contributions, guided by Romans 12:10, encouraging us to “show honor to one another”. While respecting preferences for public acknowledgment, we express gratitude through various means. Inquire about ways we show honor to our members, such as a decal, company logo on our website, social media posts, plaques, newsletter inclusions, yard signs, and gala displays.

*Offered with in-kind or cash donations greater than $1,000/calendar year (single donation or annual accrual)